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Business funding and investing with compliance in mind.
FundHub streamlines everything a business needs to get funding and makes it easy for anyone to invest in dreams.
Simplify the Process.
Let Us Accredit You
FundHub certifies investors as accredited for Regulation D offerings, and also manages investment compliance for JOBS Act investors.
Don’t Sweat the Compliance.
We’ll Handle It.
FundHub helps entrepreneurs by offering affordable expert compliance assistance for businesses trying to raise money,
Tired of the Heavy Lifting?
We’re Compliance Know-It-Alls
FundHub’s teams of experts support broker-dealers by offering comprehensive compliance assistance at a fraction of the usual cost.
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Reduce Your Compliance Burden.
Let FundHub Help.
FundHub handles all the behind-the-scenes regulatory and compliance while funding portals focus on bringing equity crowdfunding to the masses.
Everyone Else
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Equity Funding for the Rest of Us
FundHub has created a training center for people interested to learn more about equity crowdfunding.

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Kevin Harrington

Co-Founder and Director of Entrepreneur and Investor Development

Kevin Harrington is an entrepreneur and business executive who is widely more

Kendall Almerico

Co-Founder, Crowdfunding Attorney and Chief Executive Officer

Kendall Almerico is a Board Certified attorney with 25 years experience  more

Kevin Carreno

Securities Attorney and Chief Compliance Officer

Kevin A. Carreno, J.D. is one of 25 members of the FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) Board of Governors,  more

Tess Hottenroth

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Tess Hottenroth is the Chief Operating Officer of FundHub. more

George Guerra

Securities Attorney and Director of Hispanic Development

With the number of new Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States increasing by more than twice the national rate, more

Joryn Jenkins

Ethics Attorney and Director of Business Ethics

Joryn Jenkins is an attorney with an incredible attention to detail, and a wealth of experience as an ethics expert. more

Todd Jones, MBA

Commercial Real Estate Expert and Co-Director of Real Estate Funding

Since 1985, Mr. Jones has been providing ad valorem property tax counseling more

Darren Green

Chief Technical Officer

Because FundHub uses integrated and optimized technology-driven solutions to automate equity  more

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Equity Funding, Simplified 
FundHub handles all compliance associated with raising money while you focus on growing your business. Leverage our compliance experts and user-friendly platform at a fraction of the cost.

Leveraging the Experts 
FundHub’s compliance service allows investors to say good-bye to traditional compliance firms with high costs.
  • REG D accreditation
  • JOBS Act compliance
  • Investment First-Look Opportunities




Funding and Investing 101
Businesses and investors both can learn how to use the new tools available under the JOBS Act and other new laws and regulations right here. It’s time to get educated, so you can take advantage of these great new opportunities!


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